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i-stay - Bags that stay put

The i-stay range of products is perfect for anyone who dislikes a bag strap falling off their shoulder, holds a lot of weight in their bag, hates having their bag dig into their shoulder or travels a lot. All of the bags within the i-stay range come complete with an i-stay strap.

The Royal College of Chiropractors has commended the i-stay range for its potential to help users avoid musculoskeletal discomfort and to minimise the aches and pains associated with carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

Who is i-stay® good for?
Anyone who:
• Dislikes a bag strap falling off their shoulder
• Carries a lot of weight in their bag
• Travels a lot
• Hates a bag strap digging into their shoulder
• Wants the weight to be distributed evenly to lighten the load
• Innovative and unique
• each individually i-fit anyone
• Gender neutral design liked by people of all ages
• Exclusive patented UK design
• Health benefits - reduces shoulder & backaches



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